Football, Basketball, and Baseball… So now I’m a sports fanatic

Well, I’m not too sure about that, but sports have become such a significant part of my life now. Mainly football and basketball, baseball is starting to grow on me.  But oddly enough, sports were never a big deal as a child growing up.  I would spend my time, especially on Sundays, outside riding my bike, jump roping, dancing and maybe playing a quick game of basketball with my friends.  I was never one to sit in the house with my dad and watch football and basketball or sit with my grandfather and watch baseball.

Football, Basketball, and High School

Becoming a teenager and entering high school, marching band became a way of life.  Of course, by then I had a favorite football team (Dallas Cowboys all the way!).  But it was the bright lights and crowds of Friday night football that created a new respect for the game.  Watching my classmates, many who were friends, showing so much passion for the sport at a high school level, was amazing to see. Also, the atmosphere at the games was enthralling.  Watching everyone come together to cheer on their team, most of the time in freezing weather, was an incredible experience that can’t be easily forgotten.

Basketball was a completely different experience for me.  At that time, I would just follow whoever my dad liked, so it was always about even the L.A. Lakers or the Chicago Bulls.  I also had many friends who played basketball and idolized Michael Jordan.  During that time, the early and mid-nineties, if you discussed basketball, you automatically would discuss Michael Jordan.

Thinking back, growing up in the Michael Jordan era of basketball was really special and unique.  I mean this man was everywhere! He was on your cereal boxes, your feet, your backs and in numerous commercials on your TV.  But, that comes with the territory when you accomplish the things he did in his career.  It is incredible to think that right now we have a whole generation that buys his shoes and clothing but has never seen him play (except for old TV clips).   

Then I Entered Adulthood

Entering adulthood did not allow much free time.  Between work and school, I did not sit down and enjoy any type of game.  This dynamic did not get any better after graduating from college.  Life was so busy that I was not able to acknowledge that football or basketball season started.  Summers were even worse.  I could barely take any time off to enjoy the season let alone think about trying to catch any sporting event.

Eventually, I got tired of that life and started taking off Super Bowl Sunday.  That was important to me because I can sit with my dad and brother, enjoy some good food, conversation and usually a good game.  While also complaining about the fact that our team was not playing.  This is something that I look forward to doing with my family every year and has become a tradition.

Of course, football is my first love, but I have also gained a new appreciation for basketball.  I thoroughly enjoyed the playoffs and finals this year.  I follow quite a few teams, but I must admit the Warriors are the most exciting to me.  Sorry dad, LeBron is not my favorite player. However, he is defiantly going down as one of the greatest players in history. What he accomplished this season in the finals was nothing short of amazing. 

And Then There is Baseball…

Baseball has grown on me recently, within the past couple of years.  While I always wanted to play softball, my attraction to this would have to come from my grandfather.  Though I also became a fan of the game after attending a game in Philadelphia. 

However, my grandfather was an avid fan that faithfully watched the sport.  When it was baseball season, the TV was set to watch those games all day, and you could not even think of changing the channel.  My grandfather also played baseball with his brothers when he was younger.  One of my last memories of him was sitting with him and watching the Little League World Series last year.  That was a great day as we were celebrating his birthday also.  He passed away about two days after that, but that is one of many memories that will stay with me forever.  Therefore, I am now more in tune with what is going on in the sport and catch more games on TV.

So now, football, basketball, and baseball have become an integral part of my life.  I am eagerly waiting for football and basketball to start up again so I can scream at the TV like a fool when someone does something stupid and cheer when my team scores.

So what about you?  Do sports play an important role in your life?  Do you have any memories that are tied to specific sporting events that you cherish?  Feel free to share below.

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