First Win of the Season: Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Giants 20-13

NFL Football Week 2 – let’s talk about it. 

Overall, Sunday of Week 2 had a ton of exciting football.  My highlights were:

  • The Redskins lost
  • The Eagles lost
  • Tampa Bay did their thing against the Patriots
  • Cleveland did not win, but I am still rooting for them to get their first win.
  • Buffalo Bills cornerback retires at halftime…. Yeah, I understand… I guess (side-eye and sarcasm inserted).

Dallas Cowboys highlights from Game 2.

Now with all of this said the biggest highlight of Sunday was my boys getting their first win of the season.  The game Sunday night was great but of course not perfect. Overall this was an excellent performance that I would love to see repeated next week with the addition of us scoring more points.

  • We got off to a great start.  Moved the ball fast and scored.
  • Dak ran the ball more which I loved.  This is one of his strengths in my opinion.
  • Also, Dak can throw the long ball.  Can we finally leave him alone about this!?!
  • We were able to sack Eli Manning six times and help create some very entertaining memes in the process.

While we had a good game the Giants final try to tie the game was enough to provide me with a slight panic attack.  Not too bad but still, it is nerve wrecking being a fan at this team at times.

Now we are on to Week 3 against Seattle.  Tell me below what were your thoughts about Sunday night’s game?  Comment and share below.


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