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Voice Search: The trend that is changing digital marketing.

“Hey, Google!” This is the statement I yell to my Google Home Mini device to wake it up.  However for some of us, we are yelling “Alexa!” to our Amazon Echo devices. Either way, if you are familiar with either of these pharases then congratulations. You are part of the growing number of households across […]

Black History Month

Black History Month 2019… What is Going On?

Initially, I was not going to write anything regarding Black History Month.  I mean… I know I am black.  I wake up every morning in this skin, and more importantly, I am proud of and love the skin I am in.  I love being Black, and I do not think everyone is built to live […]


Pros and Cons of Micromanagement

As an employee, experiencing micromanagement decrease employee morale, within a department.  Unfortunately, I have started to experience micromanagement within my department at work.  Currently, my manager is aiming to know every movement that our team makes so it can be reported back to her manager. This is frustrating because we are adults.  Furthermore, it’s frustrating […]

8 R&B Holiday Songs

8 R&B Holiday Songs to Get Your Season Started Right

After Thanksgiving, we immediately start hearing holiday songs everywhere.  In some instances, we hear these songs before Thanksgiving.  Hearing these songs tell us that holiday season is upon us whether we are ready or not. For me, this is an exciting time of year because it is time to start decorating and shopping for holiday gifts. […]


How do you practice self-care?

Though I missed my September deadline, I started this piece about self-care a couple of weeks ago.  While writing this piece, I realized one important thing.  This shit is hard. Honestly, I find it hard to find time to practice self-care.  However, I have figured out that for me self-care and peace of mind go […]

First Win of the Season: Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Giants 20-13

NFL Football Week 2 – let’s talk about it.  Overall, Sunday of Week 2 had a ton of exciting football.  My highlights were: The Redskins lost The Eagles lost Tampa Bay did their thing against the Patriots Cleveland did not win, but I am still rooting for them to get their first win. Buffalo Bills […]

Ctrl-Alt-Delete Restarting your friendship with your friend

Ctrl-Alt-Delete: “Restarting” your friendships through communication

“A good friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have. – Irish Proverb “ This quote sticks with me because I do believe that a good friend is rare and hard to find.  It is exciting to find people with whom you can create this bond.  But as time goes by […]

Is your significant other supportive?

I have been single for some years now, but I do occasionally reminisce about the years that I spent engaged.  That was an interesting time in my life.  That was in my 20’s, something I am not too sure I would recommend to anyone.  I think your twenties should be for your own personal growth.  […]

Football, Basketball, and Baseball… So now I’m a sports fanatic

Well, I’m not too sure about that, but sports have become such a significant part of my life now. Mainly football and basketball, baseball is starting to grow on me.  But oddly enough, sports were never a big deal as a child growing up.  I would spend my time, especially on Sundays, outside riding my […]

We all want to be heard!

That is right, we all want to be heard! Being that I love to laugh, joke, and have fun, which I know we all love to do, this blog will contain posts on a variety of topics. Throughout the day, so many thoughts go through my head and sometimes they just need to come out.  […]

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